AN IT support firm has created an 18-desk office in a prime city location – in the hope it will never be used.

Staff at Consider IT in Edinburgh have dubbed it “ghost office” because the chairs are eerily empty.

The team hope it will remain so – although it can be operational in just a few moments notice.

Stuart Gilbertson, founder of Consider IT said: “It’s our disaster recovery suite ... a vital insurance policy for clients who are signed up for our disaster recovery service."

He added: "If something catastrophic happens in their business, they have peace of mind knowing that their team can be back at work within minutes – with access to all of their computer systems, files and phones as if they were working at their own office.

“Of course, like most insurance policies, we hope it is never needed. The longer our Disaster Recovery Suite lies empty, the happier everyone can be. We know how weird it seems to have such an attractive office space lying empty for months on end. But when it is needed, it will be a genuine lifeline."

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The firm has around 70 clients across Edinburgh, Glasgow and London, and since being founded in 2007, it has enjoyed continuous growth and has built up a £1.2m-a-year turnover.

Gilbertson said: “The ability to quickly get a team back to work after a fire, flood or similar disaster can be the thing that helps a business to survive. Giving staff a pleasant, temporary work environment after that kind of trauma is also incredibly important.”

The disaster recover floor also boasts a chill out room, a pool table, a meeting room for up to15 people which also offers presentation and teleconferencing facilities. There is also a kitchen, a bar and even a shower area.