The National:

NOW we all know that the mother of parliaments is the place where nothing ever goes wrong except when the politicians are there and interfering with the smooth running of the United Kingdom.

They are all set to do that on Saturday when there will be the very rare spectacle of the House of Commons sitting for a weekend meeting – and the last time they did that was for the Falklands War.

This Saturday sitting is vital, we’ve all been told, not least because it is the deadline for Boris Johnson to comply with the Benn Act or break the law.

The Jouker can reveal, however, that there may be no Saturday sitting. It’s been all over the press and media that the Saturday sitting is going ahead, but no-one has actually set it in stone.

The Daily Torygraph is very confident: “If the talks in Brussels have collapsed, Mr Johnson could go ahead and ask for a Brexit extension before the 19th. If that is the case, MPs may well vote to trigger an election. If Mr Johnson refuses to ask for an extension or somehow tries to undermine that request, MPs could be forced into a vote of no confidence to remove the PM.

“If they do that, without enough time before the Brexit deadline to hold an election, they would need to try and form a so-called unity government to secure an extension. Whatever the outcome, Saturday 19 will be an historic day.”

Except the people who actually run the place haven’t put it in their diaries. Either they have slipped up or, as The Jouker suspects, they haven’t yet been told the Saturday sitting is on.

The Parliament website last night showed no sitting for Saturday and the Calendar section says simply: “The House of Commons does not sit at weekends” – go figure.