WITH a star-studded line-up of speakers already confirmed and more said to be on the way, this year’s Radical Independence Campaign (RIC) conference could be the best yet held by the group.

Set for Glasgow’s Radisson Blu Hotel next Saturday, October 26, the conference will take place just five days before the UK exits the European Union, or not as the case might be.

Entitled A Failed State in a Failed System, RIC’s speakers and attendees will be discussing Scottish independence, but will also focus on an international scandal, namely the jailing of Catalan politicians.

Clara Ponsati of St Andrews University, the former minister in the Catalan Government who is free today because the Scottish legal system would not accept Spain’s request to extradite her, will be one of the speakers, as will be her lawyer and human rights campaigner Aamer Anwar.

RIC said: “We stand full square behind the movement in Catalonia. Solidarity with all of those resisting the repression of the Spanish state. Clara Ponsanti and other Catalan speakers will address our conference on October 26th as we build support for our Catalan comrades.”

Also speaking is a campaigner of note. RIC said: “We are pleased to announce that Akram Salhab, a Palestinian organiser, refugee and migrant rights campaigner will be speaking at the conference on October 26th.

“He is the Campaigns Officer at Migrants Organise and a coordinator of the Patients Not Passports campaign. It is vital that we are developing a strategy to defend migrants and challenge the far-right and racism. “

Salhab will join an impressive list of speakers including one of the most famous radical thinkers and writers of recent decades, Tariq Ali. National columnists George Kerevan and Lesley Riddoch will speak, as will RIC co-founders Jonathon Shafi and Cat Boyd.

Also scheduled to speak are the SNP’s Chris Stephens MP, Green MSP Ross Greer, Emil Carr of Youth Climate Strike, Holly Rigby of the Abolish Eton campaign, Robin McAlpine of Common Weal, trade union activist Suki Sangha, human rights lawyer Debora Kayembe, Cathy Milligan of Women Against Capitalism, and others to be announced.

Brexit against the settled will of the Scottish people – it wasn’t even close at 62% Remain, 38% Leave, lest anyone’s forgotten – will undoubtedly be a major topic on the day.

RIC stated: “As the crisis of the British state continues to grow, this conference will be an opportunity to discuss and debate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the independence movement.”

Tickets are available at Eventbrite.