A PRO-SPAIN propaganda video released in the wake of the Catalan independence trial verdicts sees the former Spanish PM's English teacher criticise the lack of "respect" in Scottish politics.

Yesterday, Spain's Constitutional Court handed leaders from Catalonia's independence movement 100 years of jail time between them for their roles in the 2017 referendum. There has been widespread criticism of Spain over the verdict. 

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she was "appalled" by the decision. "These politicians have been jailed for seeking to allow the people of Catalonia to peacefully choose their own future," she told the SNP conference.

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Following the verdict the Spanish government launched the #Everybodysland campaign on social media in an attempt to counteract the barrage of criticism.

The campaign features videos in Spanish, English and German which aim to promote Spain as a democratic, inclusive and lawful nation. 

The videos feature well-known political leaders – including High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell – as well as members of the public.

One video – posted multiple times by Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez – shows why people from countries around the world enjoy living in Spain. 

The caption reads: "We have many reasons to be proud of our country. Spain is a consolidated, modern and diverse democracy. Spain is security, it is health, tolerance, talent, business, science, sport and culture. Spain is the home of everyone. #EverybodysLand"

People from nations including Sweden, France and Mexico speak positively about the benefits of living in Spain. One woman named Dawn Allan - who used to teach English to Spain's former PM Mariano Rajoy - says she is from Glasgow, Scotland.

"Spanish people have more respect for each other when they talk about politics … that would never happen in Scotland," she says.

She then suggests criticism of the NHS, adding: "I hear Spanish people complain all the time about the health services. Shut up! You have nothing to complain about."

Later in the video, she addresses independence in Scotland. "Catalonia and Scotland are very different stories, I would like to stress that," she says.

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The video, which starts with the text "true stories", has been shared widely across Twitter, with the Spanish subtitled version on Sanchez's account racking up 871 retweets but 2700 replies, indicating Catalans are not impressed with its content. 

Lots of those replying feature the Estelada emoji in their Twitter display name.

Other testimonies in the video include a woman who is originally from Mexico saying: "I can reach out to the law enforcement authorities and get help."

A man, originally from Sweden, adds: "I think the democratic system of Spain is working pretty well."