LEAKED Tory Party flyers suggest the Prime Minister is preparing for a delay to Brexit

Boris Johnson has repeatedly insisted that the UK will leave the EU by October 31 "do or die", and even claimed he would rather be "dead in a ditch" than seek an extension to Article 50. 

But new flyers seen by the BBC, given to agents and activists last week, suggest the Tories are expecting Brexit to be delayed further.

One flyer urges voters not to back the Brexit Party in a snap General Election, reading: "Nigel Farage can't deliver Brexit, but he could yet block it."

The National:

Since five weeks are required for a vote to be held, and the UK is due to leave the EU in just two weeks, it appears the Tories are now expecting a General Election to take place before Brexit.

Just yesterday the PM told Parliament: "Getting Brexit done by 31 October is absolutely crucial."

The flyers also reveal the arguments the Tories are planning to use during an election campaign. 

The first is aimed at Leave voters who are now considering voting for the Brexit Party rather than the Conservatives - the party will argue that as well as creating a hung parliament and uncertainty, this would split the vote and allow Remain candidates to win in many constituencies. 

Another flyer is aimed at Leave voters who are now tempted to support the LibDems. This one reads "without a strong majority government Brexit won't get delivered," again suggesting that by the time of the election the UK will still be a member of the EU.

A flyer aimed at Labour voters reads: "Labour's Brexit policy is more delay". This also suggests Brexit will not have happened by election time.

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Johnson needs an election as he currently has no working majority in the House of Commons, and has so far struggled to win any votes. 

He will be unable to get the required legislation to make Brexit happen through the House without a majority of MPs. However opposition MPs have not been keen to hold an election prior to the Brexit deadline, instead choosing to focus on stopping a No-Deal Brexit.

The Benn Act, passed last month, will force the Prime Minister to seek a Brexit extension if no deal is agreed with the EU by October 19. 

There had been suggestions that Johnson had a plan to work around this legislation, but these flyers call that into question.