The National:

IT’S time for the Tory government to hear some hard truths.

Boris Johnson’s administration seems determined to take the UK out of the EU by October 31 – even if it means disregarding legislation passed to prevent a No-Deal Brexit and contradicting the Government’s own lawyers.

The Prime Minister was found by the Supreme Court to have acted unlawfully in suspending Parliament.

And on Monday the Queen’s Speech introduced a raft of government proposals – ignoring the fact Johnson no longer commands a majority in Parliament.

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There to speak these truths in the Commons was SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford.

The only problem was that swathes of MPs simply did not want to hear them.

Adhering to the Conservative Party’s unofficial motto adopted during Theresa May’s reign – The best way to solve problems is by ignoring them – Tory benches emptied.

As did Labour’s, continuing Jeremy Corbyn’s non-interference tactics. It’s a strategy that’s proved so effective his personal approval rating is lower than a Prime Minister who has lost every Commons vote.

Those who did stay tuned enjoyed an incisive condemnation of the Tory government.

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Tory and Labour MPs may not have been paying attention, but Scottish observers certainly were.

Once again, contempt was the clear message from the Westminster parties.