IAN Blackford is set to call a motion of no confidence in Boris Johnson’s Government.

Speaking at the SNP’s party conference in Aberdeen, the MP said a General Election would be the “only option that truly puts a stop” to the Brexit crisis.

Blackford also said that if today’s Queen’s Speech goes to a vote, then the SNP MPs would vote it down.

Attempts to force a vote of no confidence in Westminster have stalled in recent weeks.

That’s in part down to a failure to agree on when to call the vote, and on who, if the vote if successful, should lead any new government.

The LibDems want a temporary government led by a senior member of parliament and not Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

That has been flatly rejected by Labour.

Though technically the Speaker is only obliged to allow a debate on a motion of no confidence if it is called by the official opposition, he has previously indicated he would be willing to consider any request by one of the other parties.

In a broadside at Labour and the LibDems, Blackford called on Corbyn and Jo Swinson to “step out of the sand pit”.

Opening the conference in Aberdeen, Blackford told delegates: “We should not be tolerating this Tory Government in office at all.

“We must force this dangerous Tory Government out of office and let me tell you, the SNP is primed and ready to do just that.”

Directly addressing his fellow opposition leaders, Blackford added: “So let’s come together, back a vote of no confidence, get rid of Boris Johnson, secure that extension and give power back to the people with a General Election.

“Jeremy, Jo. The clock is ticking. The SNP is ready to act. Are you?”

The LibDems were, he said, more enthusiastic about getting Tory MPs to join up, rather than putting them out of work.

On Labour, he added: “Sometimes I think we need to remind Labour that the job of the so-called official opposition is to oppose the Tory Government, not for Labour politicians to oppose each other.”

“Every day that Labour MPs fight with themselves and run scared from a General Election is another day we are suffering from the Tories being in power.

“There’s no more time for squabbles or putting party or personal ambition before country.”

Blackford continued: “My clear message to Labour and the Liberal Democrats is this – the SNP is not in the business of propping up a Tory Government, nor should you be.

“The excuses for keeping Boris Johnson in office are running dry, and the patience of people in Scotland is running out.

“We must take the power out of Boris Johnson’s hands and put it back in the hands of the people. The SNP has prepared a vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson and this Government.”

The biggest cheer from delegates came when Blackford said the SNP already had mandate for a second independence referendum.

But, he warned, that if the Tories were too “scared” to devolve a Section 30 order to Holyrood, and allow the Scottish Government to hold a legally watertight, indyref2 vote then “the right to decide Scotland’s future will be at the heart of the next election campaign”.

Speaking in a television interview yesterday, Swinson reiterated her position that Corbyn is “not fit to be prime minister” and that she would not back him to lead an interim government under any circumstances.

She added that there are no circumstances under which she would support Corbyn as the leader of a caretaker government.

Swinson concluded that she believes “it is entirely possible” that the LibDems could secure a majority at the next election, and said she is “hopeful” for more defections.

She said: “Well I think it’s entirely possible. We are at a very volatile time in our politics.”