SCOTS want the question for indyref2 to be the same as the question in the 2014 vote, a new poll has revealed.

According to the survey carried out for Progress Scotland, the research organisation run by ex-SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson, 77% of voters said they would be “satisfied” if the question remained: “Should Scotland become an independent country?”

Some 88% said they thought the question was clear and easy, and 72% thought it was fair.

After the Electoral Commission ruled out a Yes/No answer in 2016’s Brexit vote, the SNP’s opponents have suggested that the answer to any question in the next independence referendum should be Leave or Remain.

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Last month, in a poll for Scotland in Union, also carried out by Survation, voters were asked what they would opt for in a referendum if the question was “should Scotland remain in the United Kingdom or leave the United Kingdom?” Just 41% wanted to leave, compared to 59% who wanted to remain.

But a month earlier, in a poll for Lord Ashcroft, voters were asked the 2014 question, with 52% answering Yes and 48% saying No.

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Writing exclusively for The National, Robertson states: “As momentum grows for another independence referendum in Scotland it is striking that there is such a strong level of support for using the same question as in the 2014 referendum”.

“Not only do an overwhelming majority agree that the 2014 question was: ‘clear and easy to understand’, but also that ‘The question was fair’, and that ‘I would be satisfied if that question was used again in another referendum’.

“It is also particularly noteworthy that there was a clear majority for using the same question as 2014 regardless of votes cast in 2014 independence referendum, 2016 EU Referendum and 2017 general Election Vote as well as supporters of all major parties.”

There has been a growing row in Holyrood over the question to be used in indyref2.

The National:

Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed the question used in the 2014 plebiscite would be proposed for indyref2

The Scottish Government’s Referendums Bill says all referendum questions, on whatever subject, must be tested in advance for fairness and intelligibility by the Electoral Commission. But it makes an exemption for questions that have already been tested and approved by the commission, which would obviously apply to the 2014 question.

However, in their written and oral evidence on the Referendums Bill, the commission said it should be allowed to review any question, even those that have been tested before.

Dame Sue Bruce, Scotland’s Electoral Commissioner, told MSPs last month they would test the question “to ensure that it’s understandable and not nuanced on either side and that the electorate felt confident that they could participate in the referendum and cast their view appropriately in light of the question”.

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At First Minister’s Questions last month, Nicola Sturgeon confirmed the question posed in 2014 “would be proposed for a future independence referendum”.

She said: “I do not know anybody across Scotland – with the exception of politicians who seem to be running scared of the verdict of the Scottish people when that question is asked again – who thinks that question is anything other than clear and understandable.”

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said: “The commission’s research has already found that yes/no questions are biased.

“It’s clear that the SNP wants to rig any future referendum, which would be a democratic outrage and would not be tolerated by the people of Scotland.”

SNP depute leader Keith Brown added: “We know already that people in Scotland overwhelmingly want that opportunity to decide their future.

“And when that chance comes, there’s a tried and tested, fair, clear, and easy to understand question to use.”