THE wait is finally over. By the time you read this, the eagerly awaited Breaking Britain: El Casino will be streaming and we will finally have some answers … or will we?

Viewers across the UK and beyond have been gripped by this story of one man’s descent into uncontrolled megalomania, unlawful behaviour, and reckless gambling with other people’s lives. The finale of the TV show saw anti-hero Boris Johnson hurtling towards the EU summit, leaving a trail of political destruction behind. Having cooked up his very own brand of highly addictive soundbites, he had cornered the market and eliminated his rivals.

But will his thirst for power ultimately be his downfall?

Thousands stayed up until the wee hours to find out, while many others are logging out of social media today to avoid reading spoilers about the movie before they have a chance to watch it.

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The National has secured an exclusive interview with Breaking Britain creator Prince Milligan, who says he has been left disturbed by the reactions of many viewers to his dishevelled protagonist. He says Johnson was never intended as a sympathetic character, whose shady dealings simply spiralled out of control, and that many fans posting on forums appeared to be overlooking all of the clues that he was a terrible person from the very beginning.

“Johnson’s pride and ego were in evidence from the start,” he says. “His indecision about which campaign to back was never a matter of wrestling with his conscience – it was a question of strategy. He asked himself ‘Can I get away with this?’, ‘Are people stupid enough to believe this?’, ‘Who can I trust to help me with any legal wrangles?’ and ‘How can I cover my tracks?’ “When he first set out on his mission to break up the United Kingdom via a catastrophic No-Deal Brexit, he tested the water with small lies. When he was met with little resistance – and indeed found there was a sizeable market for tall tales about NHS funding, fishing and foreigners – it soon became clear there was no going back.”

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While some fans insist on viewing Johnson as a victim of circumstance, who bit off more than he could chew and fell in with some truly dangerous characters, Milligan points out that he had several chances to extricate himself from the mess he had made.

“He could easily have resigned at the end of season three, when the Supreme Court ruled against him, but instead he and his associates ramped up their efforts to destroy the UK, just because they could.

“It’s difficult to see how fans can support that choice unless they too – like the fictional electorate in the show – have completely switched off their critical faculties after one too many nights of injecting blatant falsehoods into their brains.”

Trailers for the new film have given little away, and the cast list has been kept under wraps to avoid giving viewers any hints about whether Drew Barrymore will be reprising her role as zany businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri, one of the few well-developed female characters in the series.

We do know for sure, however, that we haven’t seen the last of Toby Jones’s reptilian Dominic Cummings, whose origin story will be explored in the forthcoming spin-off series Better Brawl Dom. Milligan says viewers might be surprised to find themselves sympathising with a young Cummings after they learn about his early experiences, which included a series of personal humiliations.

The National: The origins of Dominic Cummings will be explored in a spin-offThe origins of Dominic Cummings will be explored in a spin-off

“The viewers have strong opinions about Cummings based on his despicable actions during the timeline of Breaking Britain. But what the spin-off show will ask is: how was this monster created? What kind of early life experiences produce an adult with this insatiable desire for chaos?

“Was Cummings once a man who wanted to use his powers for good, but ‘broke bad’ after being called a ‘well-oiled football hooligan with an Oxford First’ one time too many?”

Milligan is remaining tight-lipped about whether Better Brawl Dom will be told in flashbacks, or even flash forwards, but tongues were set wagging last month when paparazzi caught River City star Lorraine McIntosh leaving a wig fitting at a Holywood salon looking suspiciously like Nicola Sturgeon.

“We’ve definitely certainly not seen the last of Cummings,” is all Milligan will say when asked if it’s possible the character will be recruited by another kingpin to begin a fresh dirty-tricks campaign as soon as indyref2 is announced.

For now, viewers will have to be content with 122 minutes of edge- of-the-seat political thriller centred on a character who at times seems indestructible.

Who can forget the fictional Johnson’s famous comeback when asked how he felt about being mocked by senior EU figures for comparing himself to the Incredible Hulk? With a carefully staged ruffle of his hair, he looked the reporter straight in the eye and replied: “When it comes to the EU, I am the one who mocks”.

So will he really have the last laugh, or is the whole house of cards about to fall? Spoiler alert: there’s plenty of drama still to come.