MORE than 200,000 independence supporters are have marched in Edinburgh, according to All Under One Banner.

People travelled from across the UK to attend, with others jetting in from Europe and North America. Yes groups were joined by organisations from Catalonia, Germany and Belgium.

Politicians, high-profile campaigners, writers, artists and more turned out for the AUOB event, which is catching the attention of the media in the UK and beyond.

Hundreds of marchers have taken to social media to broadcast the gathering as marchers make their way from Holyrood Park to the Meadows.

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National photographer Colin Mearns captured the Bikers for Independence leading the way.

The event even caught the attention of the Belgian press, as well as a few familiar faces from Holyrood, Westminster and even Balmoral...

Here are a few of the other highlights...

Marchers soon made their way down the Royal Mile and towards the Meadows. 

But back at the start line...