Jackson Carlaw's stint as stand-in leader for the Scottish Tories could be coming to an end sooner than expected.

According to a report in the Times, the Holyrood Tories are gathering in North Queensferry on Monday to discuss the process for selecting a new leader.

In the immediate aftermath of Ruth Davidson's shock resignation there had been agreement that her deputy take the reins of the group until Britain left the European Union and beyond a snap general election, which, at the time, was expected in October.

But some Tory MSPs believe that there will now not be an election until spring, and that the party should move quickly and install a permanent leader.

Carlaw's time in charge has been controversial. He stunned many of his MSPs earlier this week when he reversed the Scottish party’s position on supporting a no-deal Brexit without consulting them.

“Obviously Jackson is keen to stay on for as long as possible,” a source told the paper. “On the other side interim leadership doesn’t provide the stability that we require. There are too many things going on.

“This is less about Jackson and more about the fact he is an interim leader and we are now dealing with and deciding on key policies so we need someone with a mandate.”

Another source said that the away day would probably lead to “fireworks” because some frontbenchers want Carlaw to stay on until after the Holyrood election in 2021.

Health spokesman Miles Briggs, who is said to be interested in the position, has reportedly told friends that the Tories are unlikely to be able to convince voters that they are a government in waiting before the next Scottish parliament election and should regroup with a new leader for the 2026 poll.

Transport spokesman Jamie Greene,South of Scotland MSP Brian Whittle, Justice spokesman Liam Kerr, veteran Murdo Fraser, and Boris Johnson supporter Michelle Ballantyne are all said to be interested in the top job.

It is understood that at least one potential candidate has approached a PR firm about the prospect of representing them.

Bannatyne, who chaired a session on strengthening the union at party conference on Wednesday did not rule out running for the leadership when asked.

“I chaired the event because No 10 phoned me and asked me,” she said.