JO Swinson has been urged to clarify comments by a Scottish LibDem MP who said he would prefer a No-Deal Brexit to a Jeremy Corbyn-led government.

Labour reacted furiously to the remarks by Jamie Stone, MP for Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross.

Appearing on the BBC’s Politics Scotland, Stone was probed on how far he was willing to go to stop the UK crashing out of the EU without deal.

The presenter said: "If no-one else does emerge and the choice that you face is between Jeremy Corbyn as PM or a No Deal Brexit, then your position is … You’re a pro-European party, you’re anti-No Deal, so where do you stand?"

Stone replied: "It is No Deal every time. Like I said, I cannot possibly support him."

Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland, Lesley Laird MP, called on LibDem leader Swinson to answer for the comments.

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She said: "Jamie Stone has let the mask slip. Despite the spin about being a new and invigorated party under Jo Swinson, they are the same party that inflicted austerity on the country and they are now willing to inflict a No-Deal Brexit on the country.

"Labour has been saying for months that the LibDems would rather a No-Deal Brexit than for Jeremy Corbyn to become interim Prime Minister.

"A No-Deal Brexit would be a catastrophe for working people across the UK. Jo Swinson must clarify these comments immediately or the LibDems will never be forgiven."

The backlash against the LibDems came shortly after Stone had urged Remain supporters to vote for the LibDems.

Reacting to Boris Johnson’s speech at the Tory party conference, Stone tweeted: “Jumping off a cliff while fanatically repeating ‘get Brexit done’ does nothing to stop you hitting the rocks at the bottom.

“If you want to #StopBrexit join the LibDems.”