The National:

SCOTTISH Tory ... sorry, Scottish LibDem leader Jo Swinson will not back an interim UK Government headed by Jeremy Corbyn.

The SNP have stressed the need to install an interim prime minister after a vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson, in a bid to block the possibility of a No-Deal Brexit on October 31.

The fear is that if Johnson remains in power, he could wriggle his way out of writing to the EU to request an extension, as is the current path following his government's defeats in Parliament.

Swinson, however, will not have Corbyn as even the most temporary of PMs – instead she wants a Tory such as Ken Clarke or Labour's Margaret Beckett. Labour do not want this.

Given her voting record, and her role as an advocate for a statue of Margaret Thatcher, once again Swinson is facing accusations of a little too much loyalty to the Tories.

In fact, there was such a backlash that #JoSwinsonIsATory trended on Twitter across the UK.

In isolation, maybe this would come across as more principled. But given her record...