PROPAGANDA about Brexit has appeared on primary school digital noticeboards in England, according to a Labour MP, but The National can reveal that it will not happen in Scotland .

The claim was made by Stella Creasy, the MP for North London, who challenged Boris Johnson over the content of a presentation she claimed had been shown at around 3000 schools.

Creasy said constituents had been in touch with her about the issue.

She told the Commons: “Earlier today parents in Walthamstow contacted me extremely concerned about the content of a presentation about the Prime Minister’s proposals and Brexit that had been broadcast on what transpires to be 3000 digital noticeboards of primary schools around this country, without the consent of the schools.

“Given the amount of money this Government is spending on Brexit adverts, can he at least reassure Walthamstow residents that in this instance it wasn’t his doing and give his personal pledge that our primary schools will remain Brexit propaganda-free zones.”

Johnson responded: “What I can tell her is that we’re investing more in every primary school in this country.”

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Later, a spokesperson for the Cabinet Office told that the adverts were not part of the Government’s “Get Ready for Brexit” advertising campaign, and there were no plans to show any part of the campaign in schools.

A spokesperson for the Scottish Government told The National: “It is concerning that this issue has arisen, and we are clear that no schools in Scotland should be subjected to politicised messaging of any kind.

“The Scottish Government is not engaged in such activity.”

Creasy later took to social media to say she did not believe the ads were Government-funded. She wrote on Twitter: “These slides were certainly shown in Walthamstow and across country today but don’t think it’s government-funded.

“Tbh though more concerned PM didn’t seem to have a problem with idea in first place.”