THE Scottish Tory interim leader is facing backlash over his decision to reverse the party's No-Deal Brexit stance. 

Under previous leader Ruth Davidson the Scottish Tory policy was that it would not support the UK leaving the EU without a deal.

But yesterday current leader Jackson Carlaw trampled over that promise and in a grovelling U-turn backed the Prime Minister's position.

He said it would be “far more damaging” to continue in the EU with the “endless drift” and vowed his MPs would support Boris Johnson leaving the bloc with or without a deal on October 31.

Today Scotland's Constitutional Relations Secretary Mike Russell perfectly highlighted Jackson Carlaw's change in position with two quotes from the man himself. 

In June 2016, Carlaw said: “Central to our national interest is best possible access to the free-trade market, (its) of fundamental importance to employment."

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Then, in September 2019, he said: "I'm not one of those who's argued the world will fall in if no deal is where we end up."

Meanwhile, the First Minister gave her damning verdict on Carlaw's move.

In a tweet, Nicola Sturgeon wrote: "Hard to overstate how big a blunder supporting a 'no deal' Brexit is from Jackson Carlaw."

The decision to back Johnson on the matter is an interesting one considering the Prime Minister's poor approval ratings in Scotland. 

Just last week it emerged a majority of Scots think the PM should resign over the unlawful Parliament proroguing scandal.

It also has not been that long since a well-publicised Scottish Tory plan to prevent Johnson from being PM, titled 'operation Arse', was in action at the autumn 2018 Conservative conference.

The National:

One passage in Carlaw's Tory conference speech may show him positioning himself to succeed Davidson (above) as the Scottish Tories’ permanent leader.

He said: “OK sure, Nicola Sturgeon cuts a figure as she jets around the world promoting independence yet all the while the people’s business suffers.

“My ambition will be to travel anywhere and everywhere, exclusively to promote Scottish business, to have a Scottish Government and First Minister focused entirely on putting the people’s business first.”