HE has insulted the US and Russia, been fined for insider trading and been described as the EU’s “own Donald Trump”, all of which has been ignored as he bids to become the European Union’s top diplomat.

Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell – an anti-independence Catalan – is in the running to become the EU’s high representative for foreign affairs and security policy, a process that involves giving written answers to a series of questions from the European Parliament.

He previously caused outrage when he said Americans “had only killed four Indians” on their way to achieving independence, referred to Russia as “our old enemy” and stormed out of a TV interview when questioned about the treatment of Catalonia’s political prisoners – those detained before, during and after their trial over the 2017 independence referendum.

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Human rights lawyer Ben Emmerson came up with the Trump label and, last year, Borrell was fined €30,000 (£30,500) for insider trading.

However, in 24 pages of answers, Borrell ignores such indiscretions. There is no mention of Catalonia, but he does write about human rights.

“The EU has been vocal on country situations where human rights are being violated and abuses persist, and I will not shy away from the responsibility I have towards those who are suffering, those who ask to be protected and to be treated with dignity,” he said.

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“The universality and indivisibility of human rights and fundamental freedoms, the respect of human dignity, are among the key funding principles of the European Union. We have a duty to uphold and promote these rights and fundamental freedoms both towards our citizens and towards the citizens of the world to enhance our efforts.”