IF Brexit was a TV show, then this week you would have given up on it for the plot becoming too unrealistic. Boris Johnson, the self-proclaimed Incredible Hulk, was left defeated in his ditch as he was smashed by the Supreme Court and his unlawful shutting down of Parliament was put to an end.

On Wednesday the Prime Minister came before the house and took questions from MPs. He showed no remorse for the way in which he has treated the law, the Parliament and the people. His language was appalling, his tone was dangerous and his attitude towards the judiciary system was no less than that of a tyrant. This shameless bully has slithered his way right to the top with no consideration for his constant outrageous remarks that fuel hate and violence.

The privileged lifestyle that the Prime Minister has surrounded himself with clearly shows in how he addresses his colleagues.

The example the Prime Minister is setting for people is that you can break the law and then simply shrug it off. No Prime Minister is above the law nor the principles and rules by which the rest of us live.

What the Prime Minister should have done is come to the House of Commons on Wednesday and apologised for misleading everyone and then he should have resigned immediately. That was never going to happen though. The extreme Brexiteers will stop at nothing to deliver Brexit, even if it means the UK economy crashing and plummeting all of us further and further behind the rest of the world.

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The one silver lining to Boris shutting down Parliament was being able to get out and about my constituency and speak with residents. It is so heartening to see more and more people waking up to the complete disregard Westminster has for Scotland. Independence is becoming the best and most realistic option for many.

You hear it a lot, that we had a political enlightenment in 2014 and more people became engaged with politics in Scotland. I usually hear this from Yes voters in particular, however, we must remember that those who voted No in 2014 are also engaged and watching. They have been watching the same Eton mess that has been playing out since 2014, and we are all having to endure the same horror show.

It is vital that we keep talking to people and pointing out the diversion and disparities between our Scottish Government and the UK establishment.

Since 2014 we have seen David Cameron and George Osbourne cripple the welfare state to the point that people in poverty in this country are dying. Cameron then called an EU referendum, lost it and then boosted out of the UK with a nice big pension.

The National: David Cameron and chancellor George Osborne

We then had what seemed like an eternity of Theresa May who, by the end of her time as PM, couldn’t even convince herself any more that she was ever strong and stable. May lost three votes on her deal with the EU and then resigned.

This was considered absolutely wild for a Prime Minister back in December but now this seems like a walk in the park compared to what Boris Johnson has done to democracy over the last couple of months. Independence is coming and more and more people are beginning to realise that this Westminster Union is neither practical or sustainable.

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It is essential that we make sure Boris Johnson does not crash us out of the EU with No Deal and then we will have a General Election.

A General Election in Scotland will be completely different to the one they will be having in England. While Boris wants this election to be about English nationalism and delivering Brexit, we, here in Scotland, will be delivering our own message.

A vote for the SNP in a General Election is a vote to tell Boris and his Brexiteer chums that we are having absolutely none of it.

It’s time for Scotland to have the right to choose our own fate. The Prime Minister’s contempt for Scotland will be reflected at the polls.

If he is so confident about winning a General Election, why does he not show this same confidence in the Union and accept Scotland’s mandate. Incredible Hulk? Big fearty.