THE Prime Minister claimed the Scottish Government is "incompetent, dissolute reckless" during the tense debate in the House of Commons last night. 

MPs returned to the Commons yesterday after a Supreme Court ruling declared Boris Johnson's government's suspension of Parliament was unlawful and therefore null and void.

He had prorogued the Parliament for five weeks so prior to the court's judgement MPs were not due to return until October 14. 

SNP MP Hannah Bardell had asked Johnson about what he thought his proudest moment of his 64 chaotic days as leader was.

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She said: "It seems blindingly obvious that it is time given the mess this Prime Minister has made that he resigns. He can get on the fast train to the history books as the biggest loser.

"But what I’m really interested to know is that when this Prime Minister looks back on his short but catastrophic time in leadership what will he be most proud of? Will it be dismantling democracy, will it be breaking the law, will it be lying to the Queen or will it be being roundly beaten in court by a swathe of girly swots?"

Johnson replied: "Mr Speaker when I look back on the 64 days that we’ve had so far in government I think I will be proud of 20,000 police officers on the streets of this country, of 20 new hospitals … upgrades … levelling up education funding around the whole country, and providing gigabit broadband even in Scotland Mr Speaker.

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"And let’s hope that the incompetent, dissolute reckless high taxing government of Scotland actually implements that initiative and delivers it for the people or makes way for Conservatives in Scotland who will do it themselves."

The Prime Minister's Tory Party are expected to lose a large amount of Scottish seats at both a General Election and the 2021 Scottish Parliament election.

A poll from The Times earlier this month showed the Scottish Tories would lose at least three seats in Holyrood and 10 in Westminster.

The study also revealed Holyrood's pro-independence majority would in fact be boosted at the 2021 vote, while the SNP is expected to take about 51 of Scotland's 59 seats.