DID you miss The Papers on BBC One Scotland at 9pm? Or maybe you caught the show and have picked up the paper today for the first time.

Either way, you still can catch up on both episodes of the hit documentary on iPlayer. We allowed cameras in our newsroom for seven months as we covered Brexit – the biggest news story of our generation. The filmmakers captured great front pages, roadshows, missed deadlines, colourful swearing, special guests and much, much more.

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We hope you enjoyed the insight into what it takes to produce this newspaper every day. The programme shows that we are a small, dedicated team who work incredibly hard to put together the best possible edition for you.

Follow this link to watch on BBC iPlayer.

For this newspaper, the best is yet to come. We consider the indyref result of 2014 to be unfinished business – and we’ve got so many exciting plans to help you influence the outcome of the new campaign. Back us with a subscription today!