TORY ministers have insisted there is nothing “untoward” about hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayer’s money being given to a woman who was Boris Johnson's friend.

Over the weekend, the Sunday Times reported that Jennifer Arcuri, an American who moved to London seven years ago, was given £126,000 in grants and was allowed to take part in three foreign trade missions led by Johnson while he was Mayor of London.

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It’s been reported that the Tory leader spent a fair whack of time at the home of the model-turned-businesswoman.

He has refused to deny that their relationship was sexual, but in today’s Daily Mail, Arcuri is said to have told friends Johnson’s repeated visits to her flat were for private “technology” lessons.

In an urgent question in the House of Commons, LibDem Layla Moran asked the Government to reassure MPs that Johnson hadn’t been “bending the rules for personal or political gain".

Digital Minister Matt Warman told the Commons: "We have no reason to think there is anything untoward in this particular matter."

Warman warned against spreading "tittle tattle" about the grant, saying it had been awarded "by officials through the proper process".

He said: "If you want to raise matters about a grant that was awarded by officials through the proper process, then this is of course a completely legitimate forum.

"If you want to use this to try to spread tittle tattle that is much more around politics, then I would say you should think very carefully before doing it."

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Shadow culture secretary and Labour deputy leader Tom Watson said it was "very difficult" to see how the company fulfilled the criteria for the grants.

The broader questions, he argued, needed answering "because they keep coming back to the current Prime Minister", adding: "The issue of whether he has represented the interests of this company or other companies requires scrutiny."

He added: "This is fundamentally a question of character and of suitability. Is the Prime Minister of sufficient character to occupy high office and disburse public funds, is he suitable?

"Does he understand that the trappings and privileges of power come with restrictions and restraints? Is he capable of restraining himself?

"The truth is that our Prime Minister does reckless things. He is a man whose character renders him unsuitable and unfit for the office he holds.

"I want answers to these questions but we all know the broader essential truth, we can all see who Boris Johnson is."

Warman replied: "The Prime Minister has had no role whatsoever in this application."

The Daily Mail said Arcuri told a friend “there’s no way” anything took place between her and Johnson.

“He may have been very flirtatious but literally nothing happened,” the friend said. “And yeah, he did go to her flat. But he was trying to be hip, and understand tech. He would come over to get educated. Nothing happened. He lived near her and they became friends.”

Speaking from their home in Louisville, Kentucky, Arcuri's stepfather John Jendrezejewski said: “No way would there have been a sexual relationship. The idea is ridiculous. They weren’t best of friends although good friends.”