PEOPLE in Scotland want Boris Johnson to resign as PM more than residents in any other UK nation.

Yesterday the Supreme Court, the highest level of court in the UK, said the Tory Government's suspension of Parliament for five weeks ahead of the Brexit deadline was "unlawful, null and of no effect". Parliament will now reconvene from 11.30am today. 

According to a new YouGov poll, 43% of people across the UK want the Prime Minister to step down after yesterday's Supreme Court ruling - while 55% of people in Scotland say he should quit. 

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Just 26% of Scots want Johnson to continue in the post. For the UK as a whole this figure stood at a weighty 39%.

Ian Blackford (below), the SNP’s Westminster leader said: “This YouGov poll is yet another nail in the coffin of Boris Johnson’s premiership.

The National:

"His decision to shut down Parliament in an attempt to force through an extreme Tory Brexit did not stand up in court and it’s clear it will not wash with people across Scotland and the UK - with an overwhelming majority agreeing he should resign.

"Boris Johnson’s short premiership has been dogged with Parliamentary defeats, defections and disaster. He has no authority or credibility - if he has a shred of respect left for the office he holds then he should resign immediately.”