AN SNP MP has urged the First Minister to request a Section 30 order in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling against Boris Johnson's prorogation.

Angus MacNeil responded to the court unanimously declaring the Prime Minister's prorogation unlawful and void.

Speaker John Bercow has said MPs must "convene without delay", and is to hold talks with party leaders.

MacNeil wrote on Twitter: "Parliament at this time of year was meant to be on Recess.. but the Jolly-Boys of Johnson had a wheeze to Prorogue and didn't bother with Recess... Now they end up with neither Recess or Prorogation so Parliament has to sit. No wonder EU runs rings round the UK Government.

"With the UK is disarray from #SupremeCourt and #ProrogationCase a Sec 30 should now be formally requested by the Scottish Government for #indyref2"

The National: SNP MP Angus MacNeilSNP MP Angus MacNeil

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon intends to hold a second independence referendum by 2021.

MacNeil and SNP councillor Chris McEleny have pushed for their party to back an alternative route to independence if a Section 30 request is refused.

They want the party to approve plans which would see a winning independence majority at either Holyrood or Westminster election provide a mandate for the Scottish Government to begin negotiations with the UK Government to make Scotland independent.

However, their proposals for this to be raised at the SNP's October conference have been rejected.

Responding to the Supreme Court ruling, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon tweeted: "That @UKSupremeCourt judgment – upholding the Scottish Court of Session – is of truly historic proportions. The prorogation of Parliament by Boris Johnson was unlawful and of no effect. Well done to @joannaccherry, @JolyonMaugham, @thatginamiller"

A panel of 11 judges announced their unanimous decision this morning following a historic hearing in London last week.

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Lady Hale said prorogation is "void and of no effect" and should be quashed. 

"Parliament has not been prorogued," she added.