NATIONAL editor Callum Baird and columnist Paul Kavanagh (aka the Wee Ginger Dug) are joined by SNP MP Dr Philippa Whitford for a very special edition of the Wee Ginger Dugcast.

As the SNP's health spokesperson, Whitford is the right person to explain the Brexit threat to the NHS – and how a foothold in England could see American firms turning their eyes north.

Meanwhile, democracy is under attack. Boris Johnson's prorogation is, however, facing a tough battle in the Supreme Court. We've got the perspective from inside the Commons.

Also on Brexit, who is to blame for the incoming disaster? Is it just the Tories? Whitford explains why "Corbyn is as culpable, in his own way".

The Scottish Tories will be needing some new campaign material for a snap election. We discuss what the SNP approach will be, too.

And as Unionists try to shift the goalposts for indyref2, the desperation is more obvious than ever.

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