The National:

WE’RE used to Jeremy Vine allowing his guests to go on uninformed rants unchecked.

Just a few months ago, Paul Burrell, Princes Diana’s former butler, seemed to have completely missed the last 20 years in which Scotland has had a devolved Parliament.

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Burrell went on to perpetuate the myth that we’re just too wee and too stupid to govern ourslves: “I think that the United Kingdom is stronger together than they are apart. I mean, for goodness sake, Scotland, by itself? How’s it going to survive? It has … what does it have? … Oil, and a monster in a lake … and … whisky,” he said.

It was all in response to something Gordon Brown had said.

We’re still perplexed as to why every time Brown utters anything it becomes headline news – but that’s a whole other Jouker piece.

One month later, standing in for Vine, Anne Diamond failed to challenge one of her guests when Scotland was compared to an English town with a population of 118,000.

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But we digress. As mentioned, we’re used to the host Vine failing to fact-check the guests, but who is going to be the absent psychologist's psychologist?

Earlier today, Vine was given an applause and shouts of “bravo!” after a mad rant pleading with the Queen – or “ma'am” as he called her – to “screw protocol” and intervene in the Brexit situation.

“Your country [is being] hung, drawn and quartered… You would shout fire if you saw one in a theatre. Shout now, ma'am.”

Watch the full video below (credit @gigiglasgow72):