BBC bosses have been told to “stop ignoring Scotland” after Newsnight again sidelined the SNP – despite having to apologise for a similar editorial decision earlier this year.

It comes after a panel discussion on Tuesday’s Newsnight on the state of play for the UK’s political parties amid Brexit and the political landscape featured no SNP guests and did not mention the party once in the eight-minute segment.

The SNP also took issue with the graphics appearing on the screen behind presenter Emily Maitlis and her guests, saying it pointed to an endemic problem with the BBC’s coverage of Scotland.

Behind Maitlis were signposts for the LibDems, Labour and the Tories. The guests were in front of signs for Sinn Fein, Plaid Cymru and the Green Party. The SNP’s sign was placed out of shot, next to the Brexit Party and DUP, and was visible during a single wide shot.

This was despite Newsnight having to apologise to the party in February for omitting the SNP in a background graphic, admitting then that the SNP should have been included “as the third largest party”.

SNP depute leader Keith Brown has confirmed he will write to the broadcaster requesting a meeting to secure guarantees it does not happen again.

Brown said: “We are used to having to fight to make Scotland’s voice heard on this and other network programmes but we didn’t expect another howler of a graphics gaffe.

“We have been here before with Newsnight, earlier this year, and they apologised, which we accepted in good faith, but it’s the same old nonsense once again.

“There is a General Election coming and polling suggests that the SNP are going to be right in the mix of things, very possibly holding the balance of power in a hung parliament.

“So, aside from the insulting ignorance of pushing the party of government in Scotland and the third biggest party at Westminster aside this way, it would be totally remiss of Newsnight to sideline us again.

“Newsnight’s Westminster-centric style of programme just isn’t good enough and we’re not going to stand for it.

“I will be writing to BBC bosses requesting a meeting to demand guarantees that this does not happen again.”

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The first of the three guests for the discussion was Baroness Olly Grender, Nick Clegg’s former director of communications and Jo Swinson’s interim chief of staff when she became LibDem leader.

The National:

The second was Laura Round, former special adviser to Penny Mordaunt, and who worked on the last Tory election campaign.

The final was James Morris, a pollster who worked for Ed Miliband and Tony Blair.

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The SNP has previously offered to help the BBC find suitable guests to appear to represent the Scottish view.

The BBC refused to comment on the complaints.

The National understands that the SNP has also sought assurances from the BBC on the coverage of the party’s Aberdeen conference, set to take place on October 13-15.

The broadcaster has been asked whether, as with the LibDem conference, a reporter will be sent.

Newsnight’s apology in February came after a screen behind the set showed logos for the Conservatives, Labour, LibDems and Ukip, with a Green Party graphic floating in on occasion.

Despite the discussion being billed as on “the changing landscape of UK politics”, the SNP were excluded, and an apology was later offered to the party.

Newsnight has also faced criticism over the balance of its guests.

The National revealed in August that almost three-fifths (59%) of politicians on Newsnight since February up until that date were from the Tory Party.

While the Tories had 266 spots and Labour 124, the SNP had just 3% of all appearances by politicians, with 13.