A FLY-ON-THE-WALL documentary was the talk of Twitter as The National team became small screen stars.

The first part of The Papers, a two-part series about The National, Herald and their respective Sunday sister titles, screened on BBC Scotland on Wednesday night.

And the “overwhelmingly positive” response resulted in a rush of new subscriptions to The National.

By yesterday evening, as many as 80 new people had signed up to get their copy of the paper all year round.

Editor Callum Baird said: “We’re delighted by the reactions to this fantastic documentary, and even happier more people are getting behind what we do and supporting the continued success of Scotland’s only independence-supporting daily newspaper.”

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Filmmaker Sarah Howitt charted the launch of the Sunday National and Herald on Sunday, and also captured coverage of Brexit, a prime ministerial visit to Scotland and more.

The show sparked instant reactions on social media, becoming the top trending topic in Glasgow.

On Twitter, users wrote that they “loved” the show and its depiction of the day-to-day workings of busy news teams, calling it “a brilliant watch”.

One posted: “Letting people in to news is important for trust, especially these days.”

On The National’s tight team and significant output, another viewer said: “I’m amazed that so much is done with just 12 staff.”

As well as producing exclusive news and analysis, The National also delivers monthly supplements on the case for Yes, podcasts, livestreams and roadshows across Scotland.

The programme aired one month before the fifth anniversary of the paper’s launch. The six-month shoot began in September last year and ran until March 29 – which was supposed to be the day the UK left the EU.

Politics reporter Kathleen Nutt was filmed at the Scottish Parliament and SNP conference, while colleague Andrew Learmonth revealed the difficulties of covering Brexit amidst unprecedented parliamentary turmoil.

And editor Baird was seen meeting members of the public at a roadshow event with Wee Ginger Dug columnist Paul Kavanagh.

Meanwhile, Richard Walker, editor of the Sunday National, revealed his take on the industry after a long career in print.

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Commenting yesterday, assistant editor Roxanne Sorooshian said: “The National is still the only independence-supporting daily newspaper in Scotland.

“The feedback we’ve had to the show has been overwhelmingly positive. We’re thrilled by the surge in new subscriptions, which helps us continue to invest in our journalism.

“We’d like to ask our readers to continue to support us as we prepare to enter our sixth year of publication.

“There will be a lot of stories to tell in the coming months, and it’s vital to our democracy that The National is on the news stands to tell them.”

The second part of The Papers will air on BBC Scotland at 9pm on Wednesday.

To take out a subscription, visit www.thenational.scot/subscribe or call 0141 302 7300.