TONIGHT, The National starred in BBC One's The Papers – a documentary giving you a behind-the-scenes look at Scotland's only pro-independence daily newspaper.

The show gives you the inside scoop on our viral front page, when we refused to cover Theresa May's visit to Scotland after The National was excluded.

You'll see how quickly it spread around the world, and changed the conversation to the anti-democratic tendencies of then Prime Minister Theresa May.

And, The Papers shows how The National's digital operation is soaring.

With our print subscriptions and circulation on the up too, we're bucking the trend.

This is giving us more and more opportunities to bring the Yes movement's message to a wider audience.

That means countering Unionist lies on the newsstands, for one thing.

Just this week, we did what we think is a world first. In our paper with a special supplement exposing the Better Together lies five years on from the indyref, we included a FREE extra copy of the newspaper for people to give to an undecided friend.

But, we need your support to keep it up.

So, if you'd like to back Scotland's only pro-independence newspaper, pick up a paper tomorrow! Or, you can take out a subscription.

But, to mark the indyref anniversary and this new documentary, we're offering a free trial of our digital subscription. Click here to find out more!