IN the days after the 2014 independence referendum, there was understandably a sense of deflation among much of the Yes movement.

Five years on, things could not be more different.

The pledges of Better Together have been shattered, Westminster is in chaos and pro-indy campaigners are resurgent.

And so today, on the five-year anniversary of the referendum, it is hardly surprising that those reflecting on the vote are doing so with a sense of pride and optimism.

We brought together key pundits, writers and politicians from Yes movement to catalogue their recollections in our souvenir Summer of 2014 magazine (available in our online store at

Many indy supporters have also shared their recollections online. Here are 23 of the best tweets.

1. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon 

2. MSP Joan McAlpine

3. Gaelic singer Arthur Cormack

4. MP Marion Fellows

5. Yes Scotland

6. MSP Angela Constance

7. Former No supporter

8. Thorniewood Council candidate Eve Cunningham

9. Sunday National columnist Suzanne McLaughlin

10. SNP campaigner Laura Mitchell

11. Green co-leader Lorna Slater 

12. MSP Christina McKelvie

13. Common Weal committee member Catriona MacDonald

14. Councillor Michael Cullen

15. Councillor Rhiannon Spear

16. MSP Gillian Martin

17. MP Alison Thewliss

18. Councillor Mhairi Hunter

19. Mental health policy officer Toni Giugliano

20. Marie Penman

21. Social enterprise founder Robbie Norval

22. James Melville

23. Stewart Kirkpatrick

As ever, the Scottish Tories were out of touch.