NICOLA Sturgeon has accused Unionists of trying to “rig the question” on Scottish independence as she reflected on the fifth anniversary of the 2014 referendum.

The First Minister also hit out at claims by Better Together politicians that Scots should vote No to ensure the country stayed in the European Union.

The comments were made on social media as the SNP leader visited Germany, where she had accepted an award presented by the German media for her “responsible and ethical stance against Brexit” and for being “a crucial voice of reason” in the debate.

Reflecting on the anniversary of the first vote on independence, The Frist Minister tweeted: “In #indyref UK politicians told us that independence would see us thrown out of the EU. Today, five years on, I’m in Germany fighting for an EU future that we stand to lose because we are not independent. Scotland’s future belongs in Scotland’s hands.”

She added: “Incidentally, if anti independence campaigners believed the findings of the poll they have published today, they’d be clamouring for #indyref2 – but they don’t, which is why they are spending so much time trying to either block it or rig the question.”

Her comments come after Scotland In Union released a poll which shows an increasing number of Scots want a second referendum.

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Instead of the Yes/No question from 2014, the survey asked respondents if they want to “remain” in the UK.

Carried out by Survation, the results suggested 59% of voters want to “remain”, while 41% wanted to “leave”.

Asked when there should be another referendum, 41% of respondents wanted they it in the next five years, 8% in the next five to 10 years, and 13% wanted to wait at least a decade. Just 28% of Scots thought there should never be another referendum.

When Scotland In Union asked a similar question in April, 34% thought there should never be another referendum and only 31% voters wanted it in the next five years.