SCOTLAND In Union has released a poll that shows an increasing number of Scots want a second referendum.

The new survey, carried out by Survation, and released late last night, was seemingly at odds with other recent polls, as it claimed that 59% of voters want to “remain” in the UK, while 41% wanted to “leave”.

The two most recent YouGov polls, which asked respondents to answer Yes or No put support for independence at 49%.

It’s the third time the pro-Union group have asked the leave/remain question, and the result is broadly the same.

When they asked voters when there should be another referendum, 41% wanted it in the next five years, 8% in the next five to 10 years, and 13% wanted to wait at least a decade. Just 28% of Scots thought there should never be another referendum.

When Scotland In Union asked a similar question in April, 34% thought there should never be another referendum and only 31% voters wanted it in the next five years. SNP depute leader Keith Brown accused Scotland in Union of trying to “confuse independence with Brexit in the minds of voters”.

He added: “Yet even this panicked attempt to skew things their way has backfired spectacularly, with this poll showing almost two-thirds of people are now in favour of another independence referendum.”

Scotland In Union chief executive Pamela Nash said: “People are seeing the chaos Brexit has brought and know Scotland leaving the UK would be much worse.”