A CO-FOUNDER of one of the world’s best-selling bands has unleashed an angry anti-Brexit tirade attacking David Cameron’s “idiotic gamble” made to “nobble” his European Reform Group (ERG) supporters.

Singer-songwriter, musician and author David Knopfler set up Dire Straits in 1977 with his brother Mark, John Illsley and Pick Withers. They went on to sell more than 100 million albums before Dire Straits finally disbanded in 1995.

Writing on Facebook, Knopfler set out why he and 98% of UK musicians favoured remaining in the EU and “will continue to be so until Hell freezes over”.

He said if he is offered work as a musician it makes little difference if it’s a one-hour plane ride within the UK or anywhere in the EU, but it was massively different in the US in terms of time and money.

Knopfler said: “If playing in the US were as easy as Europe I’d have been doing regular shows there every few months for the last 20 years.”

“It [Brexit] was an idiotic gamble David Cameron made to nobble his ERG supporters and he lost (!) and as a result we are getting the short sh***y stick and I’m mad as hell about that and will absolutely remain mad as hell until this assault on my human rights and my economic wellbeing ends and leaving the European Union is trashed.”