THE SNP’s depute leader has accused the LibDems of “embracing extreme anti-democratic Unionism” after members voted to stance to cancel Brexit if the party wins power at Westminster .

The LibDem’s Dorset conference has so far been dominated by the news that the LibDems would cancel Brexit without a referendum if the party is elected to power with a majority at the next election.

SNP depute leader Keith Brown, however, said the move was contradictory.

He tweeted: “W Rennne: If u vote Lib Dem and they win, u must get what u voted for. If u vote SNP, and they win, u must not get what u voted for.

“Lib Dem’s tracking Tory tack to the extremes, embracing extreme anti democratic unionism. Scotland deserves better than this.”

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LibDem leader Jo Swinson had proposed the shift in stance on Europe in the run up to the four-day conference and on Sunday the East Dunbartonshire MP received a huge boost from members when they overwhelmingly backed her plan to revoke Article 50, should she be installed in Downing Street.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4's Today programme on Monday, Swinson defended the policy. She said: "I absolutely am determined that we keep our place in the EU.

“And I have not given up. I still believe we can stop Brexit."

Swinson would not be drawn on whether the LibDems would campaign to rejoin the EU if Brexit happens.

But she has faced further criticism from Green MP and fellow Remainer Caroline Lucas, who urged the LibDems not to disregard 17 million voters.

James Cleverly, chairman of the Conservative Party, said the LibDem stance on revoking Article 50 would lead to "more delay, division and uncertainty".

"Despite calling herself a democrat, Jo Swinson's mask has slipped and we now know that she wants to overrule one of the largest democratic votes in British history, cancelling Brexit," the Braintree MP said.

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The party conference has not gone entirely to plan for Swinson, who was heckled by an elected member of her party.

She was shouted down as she explained why she had accepted ex-Tory minister Phillip Lee into the party.

The Bracknell MP has previously refused to back same-sex marriage and moved to block those with HIV from migrating to the UK.

Catherine Finnecy, a Chelmsford councillor, berated Swinson during her answer and told reporters afterwards: "She stood up there defending a Ukip policy and claimed it was liberal.

"Jo and Alistair (Carmichael, chief whip) have been defending it to everyone but it is highly offensive."