ALL Under One Banner (AUOB) have announced that they are being backed by the Scottish Independence Foundation (SIF) as they attempt to raise funds for the Edinburgh march and rally for independence next month.

AUOB told The National: “As we fast approach the final All Under One Banner March of 2019 we are at a point where we need to launch a crowdfunding campaign to ensure we can meet AUOB’s costs for Edinburgh a crowdfunding campaign which has received the official backing of SIF."

Dr Willie Wilson, SIF Convener, said: “The Scottish Independence Foundation regards the AUOB marches and rallies as very important in publicly demonstrating the strength of the Independence movement in a way that the media find difficult to ignore.

“SIF is pleased to provide some of the funding to stage the 5th October event in Edinburgh.”

An AUOB spokesman said: “This is good news for our organisation as the last couple of months have been financially challenging with AUOB team members having to self-fund to meet marches and rallies costs, from attending meetings across Scotland to equipment and hire etc costs.

“It has been challenging for us as an organisation to financially start again from scratch. As individuals we managed to meet the costs of Aberdeen and Perth, however recently, and with no other solutions on the horizon, we looked forward at Edinburgh and realised something had to be done, and so on we are delighted to launch this crowdfunder which is endorsed and backed by SIF – great support from the Scottish Independence Foundation, a fundraising campaign to ask the public to back us, so if you support Scottish Independence then please make a small donation so that we can finish the 2019 marching year in grand style.

“Your donations will go to meeting the costs of what is likely to be the biggest and boldest demonstration for Independence in Scotland’s history.

“Your financial support is vital to making this history happen, a history where the Scottish people rose up in sustained people power activity and kept Marching and demonstrating relentlessly until Independence was won.

“Thankyou to everyone who makes a donation and should you have any questions about anything AUOB please don’t hesitate to email us at:”

All Under One Banner Organising Team provided the following list of Edinburgh costs to The National: The stage, PA, barrier fencings, generator, transport and other equipment for the main arena cost £3920. A further £3800 will be spent on equipment for the peripheral areas, a total of £7720.