WELL what a day that was.

Just when newsrooms up and down the country had settled in for a second day of scraping the barrel for mundane press releases they could fashion into headline news, three Scottish judges ruled that the suspension of Parliament by Boris Johnson’s government was unlawful.

The prorogation ceremony had began on Monday night and prompted protests from opposition MPs, who were furious at not being able to do their job – after a full three years and three months of not doing their job.

The Cherry Case will now go to the Supreme Court, meaning whether or not Parliament will be recalled is about as clear as Labour’s position on Brexit.

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What was obvious, however, is that many hard Brexiteers were upset. Very upset. We’re talking Liz Truss being angry at foreign cheese levels of upset.

Many of those angry souls took to Twitter and we have selected a few of our favourites. Tuck in...

Pre-empting tomorrow’s Daily Mail headline, Leave.EU hit out at the “blatantly political decision” by the judges, labelling the “ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE”.

Because that didn’t lead to enough trouble the last time it was used (and yes, we know we messed that one up too) while Douglas Carswell, with no hint of irony, slammed the Court of Session “policing the constitution” over and above the executive and legislature. Nae bother Dougie.

The best though came from not a political figure, but a regular Twitter user. Paul Samuelson drew comparisons to Adolf Hitler, saying that the UK state had been “infiltrated by the 4th Reich and paid by EU, Soros, Branson.”

Absolutely barking.

He didn’t leave it there, adding: “#FawningBritish ParasiticEurophiles are playing with themselves unable to see the slowly creeping Reich changing to a Dictatorship. Look at France every weekend.”

Another, by the name of Old Rhodie, suggested: “Get rid of the cancer. Give them independence and stop all charity to them. Make their citizens apply for visas and permits.”

Yes please, mate.