THE First Minister has hit out at the “outrageous” and “dangerous” comments that emerged from Downing Street after the Court of Session ruled that the suspension of Parliament was unlawful.

Earlier today, three judges in Scotland’s highest court ruled that Boris Johnson’s government acted illegally when it decided to prorogue the Westminster Parliament for five weeks starting yesterday.

A source from No 10 told a journalist from The Sun that the judgement was “politically biased” which sparked outrage.

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Nicola Sturgeon had earlier tweeted that the comments were “pitiful” and “pathetic” before calling for Parliament to be recalled.

The First Minister has since spoken to ITV’s Representing Border, calling the comments “outrageous” and “dangerous”, adding: “I really do think it’s further evidence that this is a Tory government that has scant regard for the rule of law and the basic norms of democracy.”

Sturgeon also said that there was a further subtext that Scottish judges were not capable of coming to “proper, rigorous, well-founded, impartial judgements”.

Watch the full interview below: