WITH the shambles of Brexit and Scotland being sidelined in the process, even those who voted No in 2014 feel let down. 

Joining those is Ruaridh Hanna who campaigned for Better Together during the independence referendum.

He told Politics Live that he thought voting No was the only way for Scotland to stay in the EU.

He added: "I certainly thought in 2014 that the only way to guarantee EU membership was to vote No."

Asked by reporter Greg Dawson he feels betrayed because Scotland is now being dragged out of the EU against its will, he said: "Yeah, in some ways. People voted No. I know people that voted no solely because of that reason."

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Dawson said: "When you consider that you were knocking on doors, persuading people to stay in the Union, to now doing the complete opposite, and campaigning for independence, how much of that do you put down to Brexit?"

Hanna responded: "You know, if Brexit hadn't happened, and if the more wider change in politics in the UK hadn't happened, I probably wouldn't ... in fact, I wouldn't have changed my mind. It's because of that, that that's happened."