MUSICIANS from Saor Alba Pipes and Drums have played outside the prison at Lledoners near Barcelona, where the male Catalan political prisoners are being held awaiting verdicts in the 2017 independence referendum trial.

The 11 pipers and drummers are due to play at Catalonia’s National Day, La Diada, tomorrow and their gig at the jail was a show of solidarity for the imprisoned political and civic leaders.

Supporters have gathered outside Lledoners most nights since the prisoners were moved there and last night Catalan Vice-President Josep Costa joined the band to send a message of support.

The band's attendance was organised by The Catalan Way, also known as the Catalan Way towards Independence, who in 2013 formed a 400-kilometre (250-mile) human chain in support of independence from Spain.

Today, Saor Alba are due to play in Amer, Girona, the hometown of Carles Puigdemont, the exiled former Catalan president who is now in Belgium.