THE National’s Welsh edition was a spectacular success – "inspiring” pro-independence marchers on a historic day.

Already the only paper in Scotland in favour of independence, we became the only paper in Welsh advocating the same when we printed a special for the All Under One Banner rally in Merthyr Tydfil on Saturday.

With content focused on the Welsh Yes movement, it was given out for free at the event.

Plaid Cymru AM Delyth Jewell, who spoke at the rally, said The National had proven a huge hit.

She said: “The special Welsh edition of The National on Saturday provided inspiration to many of us on what was a truly historic day.

“We know that independence won’t be the end of our journey, but the beginning. Our own media landscape in Wales is very different from Scotland’s, and is more dependent on London-based newspapers and content.

“So it meant a great deal to us that our sister movement in Scotland was showing solidarity with us, and people took copies of the paper with beaming smiles. One colleague told me it was the easiest canvassing session he’d ever done!

“As we marched through the streets of Merthyr, we knew that we were marching towards a better future, and that Scotland, too, was walking side by side with us.”

All Under One Banner Cymru organised the rally and march, with an estimated 5300 people in attendance. The event was supported by Yes Cymru.