The National:

Internal polling shows that the Tories would do worse in a snap election than Theresa May in 2017, according to new reports.

However, not everyone is convinced by the apparent leaks that serve as a source for these claims – and even accuse the Tories of using underhanded tactics. Can you believe it?!

It started with Jason Stein, a Tory special advisor and Amber Rudd's aide until she resigned as a minister at the weekend.

Sky News reporter Sam Coates said Number 10 had seen polling showing that if there was an election, Boris Johnson's party would do worse than under Theresa May in 2017.

Stein told him: "We are looking at picking up roughly 295 to 300 seats..

"Polling that's been done through Downing Street during the last two weeks.. Number 10 themselves will privately tell you, this will be a tough election, they're not expecting this to be the land of milk and honey.

"It is just the simple fact that we're going to lose seats in London, in the south-west, in Scotland.. They need to be replaced, they're already ten behind, we need to win 35 seats in areas we've never won before just to break even."

This result would fall short of May's tally of 317 MPs at the General Election.

Daily Mirror political editor Pippa Crerar had heard some rumours too.

Responding to the Stein quote, she tweeted: "This is fascinating BUT is this based on pre/post Oct 31 election AND with or without a deal? I don't doubt Tories will suffer in SW/London/Scotland but what about their target Labour-held Leave seats?

"A Number 10 mole tells me that the private polling actually shows the Tories would currently win 287 seats (YouGov. Sample 50,000)"

For context, the Tories currently hold 309 seats (excluding the deputy speaker, who is a Tory MP but does not vote). With the DUP, that takes them to 319. The opposition total 320, after excluding the seven Sinn Fein MPs who do not take their seats. So, short of a majority.

Some are now asking: Why would the Tories be pushing for an election if internal polling is so dire?

Could this just be a bid to bait the opposition into voting for a General Election tonight? This comes after the approach of tweeting at KFC with a picture of Jeremy Corbyn as a chicken somehow failed.

Social media users were quick to point this theory out.

Would anyone fall for it, though?