THE summer hols are over and it’s back to school for our politicians. But amid the chaos of Brexit and Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s tenuous grip on control, tensions are running high … and our politicians are getting just a wee

bit tetchy.

Johnson’s first Prime Minister’s Questions will be remembered not for weighty debate in the face of impending Armageddon, but for playground pops at the leader of the opposition.

The PM branded Jeremy Corbyn a “chlorinated chicken” and a “big girl’s blouse”, goading the Labour leader for not backing a new General Election.

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After losing a vote on his Brexit plans late on Tuesday, Johnson was keen to get on the front foot by accusing Corbyn of supporting a policy of “dither and delay” over Brexit and of running scared of

his call for an early election on October 15.

“There’s only one chlorinated chicken that I can see ... and he’s on that bench,” Johnson said, pointing at Corbyn, who has criticised the Prime Minister’s zeal for a trade deal with the United States over, among other things, concerns about food standards.

All very grown up.

Meanwhile, at Holyrood, the handbags were also being brandished.

Scottish Tory stand-in leader Jackson Carlaw was forced to apologise over a jibe at Nicola Sturgeon for dyeing her hair.

The First Minister claimed that Jackson Carlaw had insulted “practically every woman in the country” with the comment as tempers fizzed during Holyrood exchanges last week. It prompted a ticking-off from Presiding Officer Ken Macintosh, who warned MSPs against making insults of a personal nature.

Eastwood MSP Carlaw later issued an apology on social media over his “crass” comments.

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The flashpoint flared as the First Minister set out her Programme for Government during the first FMQs of the session. Sturgeon, who has previously mocked Carlaw over his ruddy complexion, made a similar barb as they clashed over environmental targets.

“I think it’s probably embarrassment that’s making his face go a little bit red,” she said.

Carlaw, installed as interim leader after Ruth Davidson’s departure last week, hit back: “Not my skin tone again – listen First Minister, at least I’ve got a full head of my own naturally coloured hair.”


The insult prompted cries of “shame” from SNP backbenchers and the First Minister accused the Tory leader of making a gaffe.

She said: “Let’s first of all not gloss over the fact that within a matter of days of losing their female leader, the interim leader has managed to insult practically every woman in the country with that, I would say rather ill-advised quip at the start of his ill-advised rant.”

Carlaw later admitted he went too far. “Apologies all, that was crass. And fair play to @NicolaSturgeon for getting under my (very red west of Scotland) skin,” he tweeted.

The debacle was certainly a new twist on the Barnett Formula ...