WE were inundated yesterday when we asked our readers to send some short messages of support to their fellow independence campaigners in Merthyr Tydfil. Many of these well-wishers will be marching themselves in Perth today.

Stiubhart Dubh said: “Don’t let them tell you you’re too wee. Don’t let them insist you have no resources. Ignore the sniggering put downs. When Scotland is independent, we’ll be looking at our watches and waiting for Wales. The change you seek is within you. #WalesCan.”

While Paul Paterson told us: “To our Friends in Wales, have a great time on your March and we look forward to you joining us as an independent state soon!”

Alicia Murray wrote to us: “Hope our Welsh cousins have a fun day out with like-minded ppl. Remember, never believe anything bad the Brits say about you & stop paying the BBC to lie to you.”

Kevin Murphy, meanwhile, just sent his “best wishes from the Highlands to Yes Cymru”.

Andrew Smith said he hopes our Welsh cousins turn out in their thousands. “Let’s give Westminster a fight on two fronts!” he wrote.

Mary Scammell was short and to the point: “Ewch ymlaen!!!”

Iona McPherson said: “I love spending my holidays in Wales but always feel sad that Wales so obviously plays second fiddle to England and has been starved of investment. It doesn’t always feel like it but a better future is possible.”

Cathie Lloyd wrote in: “We remember the support we had from Wales during our 2014 referendum. My father’s family come from Maesteg and I’m delighted to see the launch of the Yes group there. All my very best wishes for independence!”

Susan Forde sent this: “The Welsh Dragon is awakening – best wishes for an independent Wales – we are on the march with you. We look forward to warmest relations between the peoples of independent Scotland and Wales.”

Des Scholes sent a message in Welsh, Gaelic and English. The Welsh version was: “Pob lwc ym Merthyr pawb.”

Andrew Pearson said: “Today we will be marching for Independence in the ancient Scottish capital of Perth. We will be marching in spirit with our Celtic cousins in Wales.”

Jenny Pearson wanted us to pass this on: “We are with you all the way – BELIEVE. With love from our land, our SCOTLAND.”

“Dear Wales,” Louise Robb writes. “So glad to hear your movement is growing steadily. Keep creating conditions for your people to make good choices for all Welsh people to come together and work for a better, more inclusive outward looking future. We have our hands on your back.”

Robert Knight says the UK political system is broken beyond repair: “It serves neither of us well. We can do better.”

Ann Leitch says: “You will be proud marching for Wales. Enjoy the atmosphere, ours are fantastic to be among like-minded people. Hope you get your own National paper soon. Ours is so informative and supportive. Enjoy your day.”

Sheena and Malcolm Wellington sent a joint messsage: “Cymru, we are with you! Looking forward to seeing both of our ancient nations taking their rightful place as independent states, working with each other in peace and friendship!”

Christine Smith writes: “Good luck Wales, keep faith, keep strong and play the long Indy game, most of all have fun.”

Greg Moodie, The National’s resident cartoonist, has a simple message: “Wake up Wales”.

Simon Brooke refers back to our shared history, sending greetings from, “Yr Hen Ogledd, from Rheged, from Ystrad Clud, from Gododdin, from Aeron, from Arfderydd, from Calchfynydd. Greetings from the lands of Taliesin, of Aneirin, of Myrddin Wyllt.”

Dougie Gray writes “Guid luck and aw’ the best to the Sons of Owain Glyndwr!!”