The National:

YOU might think David Cameron would be the last person the UK would want to hear from right now. 

In case you forget - it does seem like a lifetime ago - the former PM decided to hold a referendum on EU membership in response to growing Euroscepticism with the Tory Party and nation at large.

He got us into this mess because his leadership was under strain. He's mostly kept out of the spotlight since resigning as MP in 2016 and quitting as an MP a few months later.

Now after three years of Brexit uncertainty, the installation of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister, the forming of one of the most extreme right-wing Cabinets the country has seen in decades, Cameron and the BBC have decided we all must be desperate to hear his side of the story. 

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Britain is in a political crisis because of this man, but sure BBC, it's time for "The Cameron Years"....

It's set to air on September 19, BBC One at 9pm, while Parliament is suspended thanks to his old chum Johnson.

The BBC says the show has "unprecedented access to David Cameron himself" and draws on "the testimony of leading allies and critics from his close team, party and coalition partners".

It goes on: "The Cameron Years charts David Cameron’s prime ministerial career, from his rise to power as a young leader and his time in office, to the legacy he has left."

Going over his legacy will certainly be an interesting part ... 

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"Cameron led the first peacetime coalition government since the Second World War, before unexpectedly winning the General Election in 2015 to form a Conservative majority government," the BBC explains. "He then triggered the biggest political earthquake for decades by holding a referendum on the back of an election campaign promise.

"Now, for the first time in this two-part documentary series, the former Prime Minister speaks candidly about his recollections and his time in power."

Just checked my diary - looks like I'm washing my hair that night. Won't be able to tune in, sorry!