SNP economy spokesperson Kirsty Blackman has slammed the Tories' spending review, saying "for the people of Scotland this is a tale of two governments".

The MP for Aberdeen North accused Chancellor Sajid Javid of filling his spending round with "gimmicks and gems".

After the Chancellor gave his speech, promising new cash for the police, Home Office, MoD, social care and Brexit delivery, Blackman responded.

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She said: "I have to say that the gimmicks and gems that the Chancellor has presented today are nothing more than an effort to distract us from the crippling crisis that this government is dragging us into.

"And while the Chancellor's announced increased spending today, this will not help end austerity. It will only pause some of the hardship in the short-term. Meanwhile Brexit will bring lasting and long-term damage to our economy and to our citizens' livelihoods. 

"With the economy already faltering the Chancellor's predecessor has warned that a disruptive No-Deal Brexit could have a £90bn hit on the exchequer and suggests that there will no money available. 

"Mr Speaker a No-Deal Brexit would be devastating for Scotland with the potential to destroy 100,000 Scottish jobs and cost every person the equivalent of £2300 a year ... "

The National:

Blackman went on to praise the First Minister's spending announcements, which she said are "putting tackling climate change, protecting our economy and reducing inequality at the heart of our policy making agenda".

On the other hand, she went on, at Westmisnter "we are talking about food and medicine shortages, talking about reducing opportunities for our young people and complete Brexit chaos".

"Mr Speaker while the Tories balance the books on the backs of the most vulnerable and the most disadvantaged, the SNP Scottish Government are leading the way to deliver a fairer Scotland."

Javid has faced criticism from a variety of MPs over the spending promises. Labour shadow chancellor John McDonnell accused Javid of "grubby electioneering", asking "when did this extremist right-wing Tory group ever put the people first, ever?"

The Chancellor's announced of £2.2bn for the MoD also came under fire as SNP MP Stewart McDonald pointed out the MoD's black hole is "almost as high as £15bn according to the National Audit Office".