SNP WESTMINSTER leader Ian Blackford took on Boris Johnson in the Commons during PMQs today, asking the Prime Minister if he is a dictator or democrat.

The SNP MP also slammed the PM for not "paying attention to the polls this morning" which indicate the Tories will lose all but three of their Scottish seats in a snap election while the SNP secure 51.

Blackford said: "Mr Speaker I know he's a new boy, but can I suggest to him we ask the questions, he's supposed to answer them. Quite simply Mr Speaker me and my colleagues, we're sent here by the people of Scotland, we have a majority.

"The people of Scotland voted to Remain in the European Union. We're not going to be dragged out against our wil by the Prime Minister.

"Mr Speaker the Prime Minister also mustn't be paying attention to the polls this morning which show that the SNP is polling to win a majority in Scotland once again with the Tories in retreat. So if he wants an election enable the Bill and bring it on.

"It's clear for all of us to see that the Prime Minister is playing a game of bluff and bluster. He doesn't care about stopping a No-Deal Brexit. His strategy, as his lead adviser put it, is a sham. This isn't a parliament vs the people. It is a parliament standing up for the people. Mr Speaker the people did not vote for a No-Deal Brexit.

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"This Prime Minister is robbing the people of power, handing control to the Leave campaign, the cult now running Number 10. So once again I ask the Prime Minister - are you a dictator, or are you a democrat? Will the Prime Minister accept the legislation today so that No Deal can be avoided and let us vote for an election so that the people can truly decide the next steps?"

Boris Johnson responded: "Well Mr Speaker I'm a democrat because I not only want to respect the will of the people in respect of the referendum but I also want to have an election or I'm also willing to have an election if the right honourable gentleman opposite's terrible Bill goes through."

Later, the PM went on a rant about the SNP, accusing them of having an "appalling domestic record" and the "highest taxes anywhere in Europe".

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He said: "There's a reason Mr Speaker why these separatists in Scotland drone on and on about breaking up, about smashing the oldest and most successful political Union. There's a reason why they go on about it. And that is to detract from their appalling domestic record.

"They are a total shambles. Look at them. They have the highest taxes anywhere in Europe, they have their educational standards falling for which they are responsible, and their signature policy is to return after Brexit to return Scotland to the European Union complete with the euro and the full ... of EU laws and as I never tire of saying Mr Speaker surrendering Scottish fish just as they've been taken back by this country."

We're currently fact-checking Johnson's claim that Scotland has the highest taxes in Europe.