THE next Holyrood election will see the SNP and Scottish Greens gain seats to secure the pro-independence majority, according to a new poll from The Times. 

The figures show Nicola Sturgeon's party will gain two new MSPs taking its total to 64 while the Greens would welcome four more MSPs to the Parliament, giving them 10 seats overall. 

This would give the pro-independence parties a majority of 19 in the Scottish Parliament. 

The Scottish Parliament election would also see the Tories and Labour lose MSPs. The Tories would have 25 MSPs down from a current 31 while Labour would drop from 23 to 12.

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In terms of a Westminster election The Times survey is good news for independence supporters too, predicting the SNP will win 51 seats.

The figures show the Scottish Tories' number of MPs will drop dramatically from 13 to just three, and Labour would again be represented by just one MP after regaining some seats in 2016.

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The Times also surveyed Scots on whether Scotland should be independent. On this matter 49% said Yes, while 51% said No. Some 45% said indyref2 should be held in the next five years, as opposed to 44% who said it should not. 

Meanwhile, the survey revealed that 67% of Scots think Prime Minister Boris Johnson is "untrustworthy".

Polling expert professor John Curtice commented on the figures. He said: "It can no longer be presumed that Scotland would vote No again in an independence ballot. Throughout 2017 and 2018 YouGov consistently reported that No votes outnumbered Yes. On average, once don’t knows were left to one side, just 44% said they would vote Yes, little different from the result in 2014.

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"But in April YouGov reported Yes support had risen to 49%. It was perhaps possible that was simply random variability. That can now be dismissed. Our new poll again puts support for independence at 49%."

He went on: "Today’s poll poses another difficulty for unionists. Hitherto they have felt able to claim that most voters in Scotland do not want another independence referendum. That claim is now in doubt. For the first time, slightly more people (45%) say that there should be an referendum at some point in the next five years than say there should not (44%).

"The poll also indicates that after an early election the SNP, with perhaps as many as 51 seats, could dominate Scotland’s representation in Westminster. That hardly seems like an ideal background against which to challenge a nationalist movement that again seems to have the wind in its sails."