NICOLA Sturgeon has won praise for her “responsible and ethical stance against Brexit” and for being “a crucial voice of reason” in the debate over Britain’s exit from the EU.

The praise comes from the international German media conference M100 Sanssouci Colloquium, an initiative of Potsdam Media International.

It distinguishes people who have made their mark on Europe and the world and are committed to strengthening democracy, freedom of opinion and the press, as well as European understanding.

Sturgeon will be presented with her award at a ceremony in Potsdam, capital of the German state of Brandenburg, later this month.

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M100’s advisory board, which made the award, expressed its “explicit support” for Sturgeon’s “responsible and ethical stance against Brexit and its desire for sustained close relations between Great Britain and the European Union”.

It said a No-Deal Brexit loomed with Boris Johnson as Prime Minister, “just as Labour – Britain’s largest British opposition party – and its leader Jeremy Corbyn have no clear course for Brexit”.

The board said: “Sturgeon stands out as a politician with a clear pro-European stance in politically turbulent times for Great Britain and Scotland.

“In the course of internal UK affairs and campaigns such as the 2014 Scottish independence referendum, Sturgeon has asserted herself as a strong and passionate pro-European and democrat.”

Armin Laschet, Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, will speak in Sturgeon’s honour on the award night.

He said: “Nicola Sturgeon is a crucial voice of reason at a time in which political discourse is sadly too often shaped by a lack of objectivity and short-term thinking.

“As a staunch European, Nicola Sturgeon conveys strong messages of cohesion and political rationality from Scotland to both Europe and the entire world.

"She stands for the regions’ strength and the growing importance of regional cooperation in Europe.

With the M100 Media Award, her commitment to a unified Europe is rightfully honoured.”

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Lord Mayor of Potsdam, Mike Schubert, who chairs the M100 board said Sturgeon was a strong politician and a passionate European.

“She has not only raised the flag of Scotland, but has also stood up to the Brexit protagonists in difficult times,” he said.

“I would like to express my profound admiration for that. Her voice is heard when it comes to the question of European identity. She is a worthy laureate.”

Board member Kai Diekmann, said: “No other part of Great Britain voted against Brexit with such an overwhelming majority as Scotland.

“Much of this is due to the efforts of Nicola Sturgeon, who knows the value of the European Union peace project and has fought the populist Leave campaign with all her might.”

Fulsome praise came from TV presenter and journalist Astrid Frohloff, who said the FM liked to mess with powerful opponents: “‘I’m ready, Prime Minister’, Nicola Sturgeon wrote to Boris Johnson’s address under a photo in which she laughingly swings a Viking axe. A scene that says a lot about the Scottish head of government.

“With courage and acumen she resists Brexit. She is the face of the Scottish independence movement.”

Sturgeon told The National: “Brexit, in whatever form it takes, will cost jobs, make people poorer, damage our society and undermine the democratic decision of the people of Scotland to remain in the European Union.

"A ‘no deal’ Brexit would be particularly devastating and I repeat the calls on the UK Government to take urgent steps to rule out such a scenario.

“I am honoured to receive this award and will continue to make the case for Scotland and the UK to remain in the EU.”