A SNAP General Election would give the SNP a massive boost and leave the party with an MP in all but seven of Scotland's constituencies, according to a major new poll. 

A survey of 10,000 adults, commissioned by the Conservative Group for Europe, shows Nicola Sturgeon's party would gain 17 seats, giving them 52 of Scotland's 59 Westminster seats.

Overall a snap election would result in another hung parliament, with the Tories on 311, Labour on 242, LibDems on 21, Plaid on four, Greens on 1 and others on one.

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People in Northern Ireland were not polled, so DUP seats are not shown in the results. The Tories could be propped up by the DUP if the party kept their 10 seats in Northern Ireland. 

However, despite losses for Labour the gains for the SNP and the LibDems could offer the party a chance to form a rainbow coalition of all progressive parties.

LibDem leader Jo Swinson has previously said she would not work with Labour's Jeremy Corbyn.

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Earlier, the First Minister said if Westminster wants an election it should "bring it on".

Under this research, and YouGov poll averages since Boris Johnson became PM, her party looks set to enjoy a big boost.