A LIST of Conservative rebels willing to vote to prevent a No-Deal Brexit and risk deselection has been revealed - but no Scottish Tories feature. 

Some 22 Tory MPs, including former Cabinet ministers and Winston Churchill's grandson Nicholas Soames, are set to vote against the Government and work with members from other parties to prevent the UK leaving the EU without a deal on October 31. 

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According to a senior source from the Tory whips office, doing so would mean having the whip withdrawn and being banned from standing as a Conservative candidate at the next General Election.

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson had been keen to prevent a No-Deal Brexit and may have been able to convince her 13 MPs to help stop it, but as she resigned last week this is no longer a possibility.

Davidson announced plans to step down after Boris Johnson revealed he would suspend Parliament in an effort to reduce time for MPs to pass necessary legislation to stop the UK leaving the EU with no arrangements in place, though she said her resignation mostly stemmed from a desire to spend more time with her family. 

Since Johnson's plans were revealed, work to prevent a No-Deal Brexit has accelerated as there is now limited time for the Commons to do the work required to stop it.

Opponents of a No-Deal are set to try take control of the parliamentary agenda tomorrow.