The National:

IF I was a Tory MP or MSP, I'd think twice before accusing anyone else of standing in the way of democracy at this moment in time...

With tinpot dictator Boris Johnson at the helm, the Westminster Parliament is set to be suspended to circumvent the PM having to deal with those nasty democratically elected representatives who might get in his way.

On top of that, his representative Michael Gove is refusing to say that Johnson won't sidestep the law to get what he wants, while MPs who dare challenge Johnson face deselection.

So, imagine the Jouker's surprise* when a Tory MSP dared claim that it was in fact the First Minister who was being "disingenuous about democracy" when she pointed out that Scotland voted to remain in the EU on Good Morning Britian.

Which we did. Democratically, we might add.

When it was suggested to Tory MSP Rachael Hamilton that giving out lessons on democracy at this moment in time may not be the best idea, she responded with the words "17.4 million people".

Which doesn't really answer anything...

The Jouker supposes that, in the face of UK-wide protests against Johnson's attempts to undermine democracy, some Tories would rather fall back on the classic "SNP BAD" mantra than face their own complicity.

*not actually surprised