“GET ready” for Brexit, the UK Government is warning as it launched the largest ever Westminster advertising campaign.

The banner blitz – which costs up to £100 million according to Downing Street – is set to hit public areas to drive people towards a new gov.uk webpage. The site features a questionnaire for individuals or businesses to find out how they could be affected if the UK leaves the EU in October as planned.

Government research shows only half the population think it’s likely the UK will leave the EU on October 31, while 42% of small-to-medium sized businesses are unsure of how they can prepare and only 31% of the public have sought such information.

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The Cabinet Office says this campaign will tackle that “head on” by “setting out what all members of the public and business owners might need to do, if anything, to get ready to leave the EU”.

Audiences including UK citizens intending to travel to Europe, pet owners set to visit the EU and all exporters to the EU will be targeted, alongside groups requiring specific information like the legal professions.

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People are also encouraged to “check for disruption” before travelling, renew their passports as soon as possible, and the site also warns of roaming charges in the EU.